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Changes in eTDS Statement Data Structure and FVU

Data structure of quarterly e-TDS statements have been modified by the Directorate of Income Tax (Systems). The changes in Data Structure is as follows :

Deductor Details

  • PAN of deductor is mandatory. In certain cases, deductor is not required to have PAN, in such cases PANNOTREQD is to be mentioned
  • A new classification of deductor lists 16 types of deductors e.g. Central Govt., State Govt, Company, Firm etc.

Government Deductors

Government Deductors have to provide additional information of State, Ministry Name, PAO and DDO Details. Such details are mandatory or optional depending on the classification of deductor. This is explained in the table below.

Deductor Status Code State PAO Code DDO Code Ministry Name PAO Reg DDO Reg
Central Government A NA M M M O O
State Government S M O O NA O O
Statutory body (Central Govt.) D NA O O M O O
Statutory body (State Govt.) E M O O O O O
Autonomous body (Central Govt.) G NA O O M O O
Autonomous body (State Govt.) H M O O O O O
Local Authority (Central Govt.) L NA O O O O O
Local Authority (State Govt.) N M O O O O O
M - Mandatory O - Optional NA - Not Applicable
New Validations
  • In Challan Details BSR code cannot be given as zeros.
  • In Form 24Q, fourth character of PAN must be P. This signifies that PAN belongs to an individual.
Matching of OLTAS Details
  • The new FVU version 2.128 has a new feature for matching of challans in eTDS statement with those in OLTAS.
  • After matching FVU will show the number of matched and unmatched challans. However, eTDS filing can be done , even if there are unmatched challans.
Procedure for Matching OLTAS Details
  • First you need to download Challan file
    • Go to www.tin-nsdl.com
    • Click "Challan Status Enquiry"
    • Click TAN Based View
    • TAN : Enter 10 digit TAN
    • Date of Deposit From: Quarter Begin Date
    • Date of Deposit To: Today
    • Click Download Challan File
    • Save file your local PC
    • File Name will be TAN+Date with .csi extension
  • FVU will ask for Challan Input File name with Path. Select the saved .csi file
  • The Error/ Upload & Statistics Report File will give a count of total challans, matched challans and unmatched challans.
Effective Date
  • Quarterly e-TDS / TCS returns filed from October 1, 2009 should be as per the new data structure. If the returns do not conform to the new data structure they will be rejected by TIN.
  • e-TDS / TCS correc tion on regular returns filed as per the old data structure (validated with FVU version upto 2.126) should be validated with FVU version 2.126 only.
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